Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Nail Polishes That We All Have ;)

Hi everyone! This post doesn't have pictures of nails..but it is nail related! I was going through my polish collection, and started thinking about all the different types polishes I have. Well..that idea spawned into this, a list of polishes that I know all you fellow polish collectors know too well! I hope all of you find it as amusing as I do!

Polishes That We All Have

The Tease- The polish that you love but you're afraid to wear because it's discontinued and you don't have a back up bottle.

The Senior- One of the first polishes you owned. Now it's all thick and you don't really like the color anymore but you keep it anyway because it has memories.

The Ugly One- The polish that you absolutely hate in every way but you keep it anyway to laugh at how weird it is.

The Superficial- The polish that looks fantastic in the bottle but is all kinds of ugly when you try to put it on.

The Rocky Road- The polish that always insists on being lumpy.

The Hater- The polish that always looks great on every skin tone except yours. You want to love it..but it doesn't love you back.

The Multiplier- That one shade of polish color that you can't stop yourself from buying every time you see it.

The Ex- The polish that used to be your favorite but now sits in the back of your stash collecting dust.

Water- It might as well be it, since it's about that thickness anyway.

The Sheer-ness Monster- No amount of coats will ever satisfy it.

The Beast- The polish that you like but never wear because it's a giant pain in the butt to remove.


So there you have it! A list of all the oddball polishes you may or may not have lurking in your collection.
So..what's your "tease"? Or "senior"? I want to know what other types you have in your stash! :P

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