Thursday, November 21, 2013

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 6: Purple Nails

When I thought purple "purple heart" came to mind, so I just went with it. I fully intended to go further with this creativity wise, but it just ended up this way. 

Purple silver heart nail art 31 days of nail art challenge day 6: purple nails

I used 2 coats of e.l.f Violet Velvet and used a toothpick to make hearts with NYC Tribeca Silver. I think its cute. Although it reminds me that I should invest in more purple polish, because this ones really dark.

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 5: Blue Nails

This is where I can really see myself improving. I was searching the internet for blue nail art ideas and I came across a picture of someone who had put thin blue ribbon across their nails. I really liked the idea, but as I didn't have any tape, I just painted the design.

Blue ribbon nail art 31 days of nail art challenge day 5 blue nails

I'm actually pretty proud of this. I think the overall effect is great, if you ignore the uneven sizes of my nails. Apparently my ring and pinky fingernails grow faster then my pointer and middle fingernails. I've since evened them out by filing them, but here its noticeable, at least in my opinion. Thats okay though, I still love the design. It was actually inspired from nail art 101's nail art, as you can see here
I used 2-3 coats of e.l.f Skinny Jeans and used a toothpick to make the ribbon outlines with NYC Tribeca Silver, before filling in the lines with Wet N Wild Blue Moon.
Tell me what you guys think of it! :)

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 4: Green Nails

Okay, I have a confession to make. You can probably tell by how short my nails were that I did this one first..I just loved the new green polish that I'd just gotten so much, I had to try it! 

Green gold nail art 31 days of nail art challenge day 4 green nails

Its simple, but I like it. I think green and gold go really well together. I'll probably do something like this again in March when St. Patrick's Day comes around.  Its 2-3 coats of Wet N Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch with Wet N Wild 18k and e.l.f Gold Star across the tips. Little bit of a sloppy paint job, but not bad considering that this was my second or third manicure that i'd done on myself in at least five years, probably more. So yeah, I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what you think! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 3: Yellow Nails

Yellow! My favorite color. A lot of people don't like yellow, and they might think that yellow nail polish is even worse. I love it. Its so bright and happy! When it came time to do this one, I really worked hard to come up with a good idea. Heres the results:

Yellow cherry lemonade nail art 31 days of nail art challenge day 3 yellow nails

This is one of my favorites. I loved it so much that I wore it for longer then I was supposed to. I used 3 coats of e.l.f Sunflower(the best yellow polish in the world in my opinion), with NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost on the tips on every nail except for the accent. On my accent nail I used a toothpick to make a little cherry using NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost and Wet N Wild Sagreena The Teenage Witch(ever noticed how Wet N Wild has a lot of bad TV show puns in their polish names? I think its funny.). I call it "Cherry Lemonade" and I think its really cute. I hope you guys like it too! Tell me what you think! :)

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 2: Orange Nails

Time for day 2! Orange! I have to admit..I got a little lazy with this one. 

Orange gold glitter nail art 31 days of nail art challenge day 2 orange nails

In my defense, I don't have very many orange polishes, so I didn't have many options. But I did slack off a bit. I used 2-3 coats of e.l.f Mango Madness with e.l.f Gold Star on the tips and a little on top. Its pretty I suppose, but creativity wise..meh. Then again, I'm my own worst critic.


Hi everyone! First of all, im so excited to start off this blog and I hope that you guys like reading my little rants and reviews. I'm really happy to be here. :)
Now, a little bit about myself. When I was in elementary school, I was an anxious kid. I used to worry a lot, about almost everything. That caused me to develop this awful nail biting habit, which I couldn't break for the years that followed. So..I never got to paint my nails as a kid. But earlier this year, I finally kicked the habit once and for all. That was when I discovered the joys of nail art for the first time, and its become an obsession of mine. I'm new to the game, but I really enjoy painting my nails and want to share my ideas with you guys. I hope you like them  :) 

31 Days Of Nail Art Day 1: Red Nails

Okay, so lately i've been doing the 31 days of nail art challenge. Its really fun, you all should try it for yourselves(if you haven't already, I think its becoming more and more popular). I know the 2013 round has been wrapped up already, but thats okay, i'm doing it anyway! :)
For reference, heres the challenge:

As you can see, day one is red nails. There was a lot of directions I could've gone with this, since I have more red polishes then just about any other color. After some thinking, this is what I came up with.

Definitely not my best work. But..its not my worst either. Say what you will about it. For it I used e.l.f Red-y or Not, then halved it diagonally with e.l.f Smokin' Hot. Then finished it off with a diagonal stripe of e.l.f Glamour Girl across the middle. I call it "Red sash". I'll probably do it again to improve on it. I'll have to see how it looks on my now longer nails instead of the shorties I had then. Anyway, tell me what you think! I want to see whose out there, and i'd love to talk to anyone who wants to! :)