Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pacman Nail Art

Hi everyone! Okay, yesterday I was looking at the polish I had on, Color Club Beyond (You can find my review of it here) I love that polish, and I wanted to do something really cool with it, so I decided to do some nail art. After a while of thinking, I decided on a really cool design. I've seen a bunch of people do this before, so it's not exactly original, but I couldn't resist the idea!

Pacman nails! I used to love this game when I was younger! Although I wasn't all that great at it..my uncle is the Pacman champion in my family. I still had a great time playing it, even though I died a lot. One thing that confused me though..is the name of the orange ghost. I've seen it as both Sue and Clyde. I always thought that they should pick one and stick to it. Hah.
So anyway..heres what you do to make the ghosts if you want to do the design too:

1. Paint your nails with 1-2 coats of Color Club Beyond. Let that dry.

2. Outline make a U shape following the base of the nail on all your fingers except the thumb. I did this using a tooth pick with Wet n Wild black creme.

3. Make a horizontal zig zag connecting the ends of the U on all the nails except the thumb.

4. Fill in the outline with your desired color. I used Nail Ritz Ruby for Blinky, LA Colors Unnamed for Pinky, Essie Mint Candy Apple for Inky, and Nail Ritz Mandarin for Clyde/Sue. Let it dry.

5. Make two big dots of white side by side. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White.

6. Carefully make two smaller dots inside the white ones. I made them a little off center so the ghost looks like its looking to the side.

And you're done!

So there you go! Pacman nails! :) So what do you think, tell me in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!

Happy painting!

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