Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Bit of Nostalgia for you.. Crayola Scented Nail Polish I was in Walmart today, and was in the makeup aisle with the polishes(because I clearly can't go to walmart without looking at polishes XD), and something a little different caught my eye. Over near where the kids sets of nail polish are, I saw this set.

Crayola nail polish

Crayola nail polish. Now, a little something about me, I love Crayola. I loved their crayons as a kid and I still love them now! So, of course, the little kid in me shrieked and did a little happy dance and I knew the set just had to be mine. The colors look so beautiful, all bright and shimmery, and I think that the fact that they're scented is a serious added bonus. I've never had scented nail polish before, although ive always kind of wanted to try it.
Before I show you the swatches I have another little comment that I would like to add about the packaging. While looking at the way it was packaged I thought it was going to be like that awful plastic that they use to package electronics. The type that takes forever to saw through with scissors before ripping it apart, inevitably scratching yourself on the jagged plastic edges.
But I was pleasantly surprised. Turns out the edges aren't fused together, and open up like this

So now instead of being left with destroyed plastic scraps, I have a handy storage case that I can keep the polishes in. Good job Crayola!

Now, without futher adou, here are the swatches!

This one is "Orange", and its, well, an orange shimmer with a little yellow micro shimmer in there too. It's a beautiful bright citrus-y orange. It almost has a golden glow to it thats just gorgeous.

This one is "Green Apple", it's a bright lime green shimmer. I wasn't too sure about the shade when I
looked at it in the bottle, but love it. It really lives up to its name because to me it looks exactly like a green apple lollipop. It smells like green apple too, but not like candy. The smell reminds me of a green apple body spray I used to have. The finish of this one is also more unique then the picture shows. When fully dried is has an almost rubber like feel to it, but in a good way. It really reminds me of candy, and if you choose to get this set you'll be able to see for yourself. :)

This one is "Blueberry", a bright cobalt blue shimmer. It's a pretty color, although not quite as unique as the others seem to be. Ive seen a few blue polishes that have almost the same color. I also had a bit of trouble with the application, which I've said in more detail below in my review. Overall I'm not unhappy with the color, and the scent is nice, its just not my favorite from the set.

This one is "Grape". It's a pink toned purple shimmer, with a sort of blue purple glow to it. It's a beautiful shade, one I've never really seen before. It smells like grape candy too.

And lastly we have "Bubble Gum", a cute..well..bubble gum pink shimmer. I wasn't sure if I'd like the shade but I really do. I think its very cute, and I might even wear it by itself at some point instead of putting it into the box with polishes that I use just for nail art.

And now for the review!


Most of them were opaque in two coats. The one that gave me the most trouble was Blueberry. I found that if I touched my cuticles with the polish at all, it would immediately flood them and stain them so i'd have to take all the polish off that finger to scrub with remover before doing it again. A few of them were a little bit on the watery side, but I have an idea of how to fix that. A blogging friend of mine has the same set, and suggested that I leave them uncapped for a little bit to thicken them slightly. If I do that i'll let you know how that goes. :)


I love the look of these. The colors are so bright and shimmery, and I think they're fairly unique as I haven't seen a finish quite like the ones they have.


Any time I review scented polishes in the future I'll have this category. I like the smells. They're not chemically, except maybe for the smell of the bubble gum, which does lean a bit that way. Smell wise my favorites are the Orange and Green apple, and my least is Bubble gum.


$4.99 for the whole set. That makes them a tiny bit more then $1 each if you count tax. Although they are mini bottles, at 5ml each, I think thats a great price.


I love these and would definitely purchase them again. I think they are so cute, and although they are marketed towards kids, I think they have just as much of a place in polishes collections as main stream brands.

So what do you think of them? Will you be getting this set? Are you a Crayola lover like me? I'd love to hear your opinions and comments!
Happy painting! :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day..late again.

Hi everyone! Wow, valentines day really came and went quick this year! I spent the day with my family and..*ahem*..maybe waiting for a call from a certain someone. By the time I realized "Oh no! I haven't done a valentines day post!" It was over. Woops. Another ADHD moment on my part. So..I hope you'll accept it late!
Heres what I came up with :)

I used my new favorite polish, My Cherry Amour by Nicole by Opi. It's from the gumdrops collection, and I figured whats more perfect for valentines day then polish that looks like candy? I did a review on it recently. You should maybe check it out ;)
After that dried, I used a Nail Ritz shimmer nail art pen in pearlized white to make the x's and o's and used the orchid pen from the same set for the heart on my accent nail. I just want to say that these pens are the best things ever. Since i'm not very skilled with a nail art brush, these make it a lot easier for me to do nail art!
So anyway, so sorry for the late post. What was your valentines day like? :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nicole By Opi My Cherry Amour Gumdrops Review and Swatches!

Hello everyone :). Today I have a polish that holds a little bit of significance for me. Back when I finally kicked my nail biting habit, this collection was the first collection that made me want to paint my nails after I saw it in a magazine. The Gumdrops collection from Nicole by Opi. My whole love for nail polish began with these polishes. Funny thing was, I never ended up buying one..until yesterday when I found them at CVS. So I have one to show you today. Before I do though, I have to say I faced a crisis last week. I broke the nail on the middle finger of my right hand all the way I had to say goodbye to my long's why I haven't posted in a few days, i'm still getting used to the change. This will also explain why I may still post posts with long nails pictured because I have some that I took before the break.
So..without further ado..

Hello short nails!
This polish is called My Cherry Amour, it's a beautiful dark pink with tiny holographic glitter that dries to a fine sugary textured finish.


This is my first textured polish, so I wasn't sure how it was going to apply. It applied nicely though, being opaque in two coats. Although I had to do a little bit of touching up, I didn't face any real problems with it.


I am in love with this. Even though its matte it is still really sparkly, and it legitly makes my nails look like gumdrops. Heres a picture of actual gumdrops for comparison(I didn't take that photo I pulled it off google images so I hope theres no problems with that..let me know if I should give credit to someone because I don't know).


About $8. Normally it wouldn't be a price I would go for, but for this its worth it.


I typically don't like the look of textured polishes, and thats why I didn't previously have any. But I adore this. For some reason i'm attracted to polishes that are named after food or remind me of food in some way. Like kiwi or mint green, chocolate brown, and any polish with food the cover girl glosstini set..and this explains my need for a banana pudding color pastel, serious self realization here.
I guess I just really like food. :P
Anyway, maybe thats why I love this collection so much. No matter the reason, I think this just took the number one spot in my favorite polishes. This might end up being the first full collection I ever buy.

So what do you think? Will this be making it's way into your collection? Do you like polishes that remind you of food?I'd love to hear from everyone!
Happy painting!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sunflower nail art

Hi everyone! not sure about all of you, but lately i've had a case of the winter blahs. Winter can be nice and all, but I miss spring and its warmth and flowers and everything. So to brighten things up I have to show you some nail art I did a while back then almost forgot about.  I found the pictures and I thought that it was perfect for the occasion! 

Sunflower nail art

Sunflower nail art

Sunflower nail art

Sunflowers! The perfect symbol of warmer weather. I'd redo it on my nails now except for one thing.
I'm not sure why, but this mani gave me so much trouble. It took me multiple tries to get it right, after which my fingers were just about covered in polish gunk. I had to wait till it all came off to take pictures, thus the slight red spot on my index finger in the two later pictures. Please ignore that ;). 

Anyway, I liked the end result, no matter how hard it was for me to get it to that point. I used an unnamed Claire's polish that I nicknamed "Glue" as the base because its the brightest white I have(if you want to see more of it take a look at my review of Maybelline Clearly spotted, you can see what the bottle looks like in those pictures and all that). Then I used Wet n Wild Black Creme for the center of the flower and E.l.f Sunflower for the petals(which, by the way, is my all time favorite yellow nail polish!). I used a toothpick to draw the flower, and that really made me want to buy a set of nail art brushes because toothpicks just don't do the job right. But..i'm procrastinating on that just a little bit. 

So..this post made me realize that I haven't shown you some of my best older stuff yet. So..stay tuned for more pictures! :)

In the meantime, happy painting!