Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Awesome Texture Polish From Finger Paints!

NOTE: This post was supposed to go live LAST Friday. Whoops. Well..I had it all heres what you would've seen.

Hi everyone! TGIF! I’m so ready for the weekend, and it’s going to be a nice one. I’m headed to Asheville with my family. Should be great! I’m looking forward to doing some shopping while we’re there!
Anyway, back to the polish. Today I have a random polish that I picked up a while back. It’s been sitting around untried for the longest time and yesterday I was like screw it this is getting reviewed right now. I loved it the second I put it in my swatch book, even though it surprised me.
The funny thing about buying polishes from clearance sections is that sometimes they aren’t what you expected. This is especially true with textures. With most of them you can’t tell from the bottle that they’re textures until you try them on(Except china glaze, who seems to label their textures). For a while it seemed like every time I bought a clearance fingerpaints polish from sallys it turned out to be a surprise texture, and that was true with this one. In the bottle it looks like a shimmery metallic, until it dries and hello texture!

This baby is called Rock Hard Lilac, and is from the Winter 2014 Rock My World collection. Now, usually i’m not a fan of metallic textures. I avoided the china glaze crinkled chromes like the plague when they came out. I prefer “sugary” textures, like the Nicole By OPI gumdrops collection. When I think “metallic” I think smooth and shiny. Textured chrome just didn’t sound right to me.
That being said, I found the exception. I adore this. Onto the review!

FABULOUS. It was completely opaque in one coat. I used two because that's just what I do but one would’ve been just fine. It also went on smooth and all in all it was my dream formula. Why why can’t cremes be like this?

This is really awesome looking. The texture is fine and it’s still shiny and the whole effect actually looks like kind of like metal. But I think the thing I like most about it is the way it feels. I can’t stop running my fingers over it. As someone with sensory sensitivities the feel of textures are hits and misses for me. This one is awesome.

Don’t hate me for this, but I actually don’t remember how much I paid for this. I do know that you can still get it and others from the collection from destashes on storenvy and pinterest for pretty cheap.

I love this. It’s a completely unique texture, I haven’t seen anything else like it. Plus the formula is flawless and it’s just an all around awesome polish. If you like textures, than you should track this one down.

So, what do you think? Are you still into textures or are you ready to move onto other trends? Let me know your opinions, I’d love to hear from you!

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