Friday, August 7, 2015

Color Club Miss Bliss

Hi everyone!’s August already. Wow summer is flying by so fast. It won’t be long before I start my new after school job. I hope that i’ll still find the time to blog!
So, when you think of the brand Color Club, what do you think of? For me, I think Halo Hues. The two collections are the stars of the brand if you ask me. I’m very excited about the brand new collection that’s going to come out sometime this year! Stephanie from Imperfectly Painted has wheel swatch pictures of them here.
So today I was in a Halo Hues mood and thought i’d show you one I have from the collection.

This beauty is Miss Bliss, and it’s a gorgeous pink linear holo. Here’s my short but sweet review..


Pretty much flawless. I used two coats and it applied like a dream. It also dried really fast, which was a nice plus.


I adore it. In low light it looks like a shimmery metallic and in direct light BAM it hits you with rainbows!


$7.40 on Amazon. Also, if you live in Maryland, you can get it for $6 at Maxim Beauty Supply in Hyattsville. It’s where I bought my bottle.


You need the Halo Hues. They are awesome and a great addition to anyone's collection.
Happy painting! :)

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