Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day..late again.

Hi everyone! Wow, valentines day really came and went quick this year! I spent the day with my family and..*ahem*..maybe waiting for a call from a certain someone. By the time I realized "Oh no! I haven't done a valentines day post!" It was over. Woops. Another ADHD moment on my part. So..I hope you'll accept it late!
Heres what I came up with :)

I used my new favorite polish, My Cherry Amour by Nicole by Opi. It's from the gumdrops collection, and I figured whats more perfect for valentines day then polish that looks like candy? I did a review on it recently. You should maybe check it out ;)
After that dried, I used a Nail Ritz shimmer nail art pen in pearlized white to make the x's and o's and used the orchid pen from the same set for the heart on my accent nail. I just want to say that these pens are the best things ever. Since i'm not very skilled with a nail art brush, these make it a lot easier for me to do nail art!
So anyway, so sorry for the late post. What was your valentines day like? :)

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