Monday, February 10, 2014

Nicole By Opi My Cherry Amour Gumdrops Review and Swatches!

Hello everyone :). Today I have a polish that holds a little bit of significance for me. Back when I finally kicked my nail biting habit, this collection was the first collection that made me want to paint my nails after I saw it in a magazine. The Gumdrops collection from Nicole by Opi. My whole love for nail polish began with these polishes. Funny thing was, I never ended up buying one..until yesterday when I found them at CVS. So I have one to show you today. Before I do though, I have to say I faced a crisis last week. I broke the nail on the middle finger of my right hand all the way I had to say goodbye to my long's why I haven't posted in a few days, i'm still getting used to the change. This will also explain why I may still post posts with long nails pictured because I have some that I took before the break.
So..without further ado..

Hello short nails!
This polish is called My Cherry Amour, it's a beautiful dark pink with tiny holographic glitter that dries to a fine sugary textured finish.


This is my first textured polish, so I wasn't sure how it was going to apply. It applied nicely though, being opaque in two coats. Although I had to do a little bit of touching up, I didn't face any real problems with it.


I am in love with this. Even though its matte it is still really sparkly, and it legitly makes my nails look like gumdrops. Heres a picture of actual gumdrops for comparison(I didn't take that photo I pulled it off google images so I hope theres no problems with that..let me know if I should give credit to someone because I don't know).


About $8. Normally it wouldn't be a price I would go for, but for this its worth it.


I typically don't like the look of textured polishes, and thats why I didn't previously have any. But I adore this. For some reason i'm attracted to polishes that are named after food or remind me of food in some way. Like kiwi or mint green, chocolate brown, and any polish with food the cover girl glosstini set..and this explains my need for a banana pudding color pastel, serious self realization here.
I guess I just really like food. :P
Anyway, maybe thats why I love this collection so much. No matter the reason, I think this just took the number one spot in my favorite polishes. This might end up being the first full collection I ever buy.

So what do you think? Will this be making it's way into your collection? Do you like polishes that remind you of food?I'd love to hear from everyone!
Happy painting!

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