Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Great Spring Color! LA Colors Mint Review and Swatch

Hi everyone! Happy saturday. :) I'm glad its finally the weekend after a week of hard work in class!  Today I have for you a cute little polish that I actually found in Family Dollar a while back! They had  two buckets of mini LA colors polishes, all for a great price each! So naturally.. I couldn't resist, and picked out a polish thats perfect for Spring!

LA Colors Mint- 2 coats over Sinful Colors Snow Me White

It's from the LA Colors Color Craze mini line, and it's called Mint. Although the name really doesn't match the color, since its a bright neon rather then a mint green. LA colors sometimes seems to get color names wrong. I have another polish from them thats called "Magenta" but it's actually a dark plum purple color. Sometime i'll show you that one, its an interesting polish. But getting back on track..heres my review of "Mint".


I didn't have any big application problems, but I didn't try to wear it by itself because it seemed sheer when I swatched it in my swatch book. Neons also tend to stain nails, so I wore two coats of it over Sinful Colors Snow Me White. That worked great.


I really like this! It's perfect for spring, and I love that it didn't have that dull semi-matte finish that some neons tend to have. It's also really bright, the color drove my camera crazy. It took me a while to get a picture where the color and my skin tone looked accurate. Most of the time I got pictures that made my hand look like it belonged to a zombies. Heres one of the fail pictures for laughs. looks like I have radioactive fingernails! Haha. But seriously, the real color is beautiful. I'll definitly be wearing it again!


This is the best part. It was only 60 cents! Yeah, you heard me right! It's not a bad size for a mini either, 4.9 ml! Thats more then OPI, China Glaze, and Covergirl minis hold, for a fraction of the price!


I'm definitely pleased with this polish, and will be buying more of the mini colors next time i'm in Family Dollar! I'd recommend that if you live near an almost dollar store (Like family dollar or dollar general), you might want to take a look if you can! They have a good variety of colors and you can buy one with change that you might have in the bottom of your bag(that is, if you're like me and tend to just toss change in there. I have an extreme over abundance of random pennies in my purse :P)!

So..will you be on the lookout for these? Are you a fan of neon colors? Please tell me in the comments..your comments are always more then welcome!

In the meantime, happy painting! :)

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