Saturday, January 25, 2014

Back to the Clearance! :)

Hello everyone. Today I'm starting a new type of post. I call them back to the clearance posts! Name inspired by my favorite movie. Something about me is that I'm almost always on a budget, and because of this I tend to gravitate towards the clearance section like a fat kid does to the cake at a birthday party.
So these posts will be all about whatever I picked up recently that satisfies both my "OOH pretty colors! I must have ALL of them!" thought pattern whenever I'm in a store that sells polishes and is kind to my wallet. So here we go. Todays clearance buy was Covergirl Appletini, a bright lime creme.
Normally I wouldn't dare buy one of them, even though the colors are adorable. The thing I don't like about the glosstini collection is that the bottles are so small! Teeny is right! They're 3.5ml. Bon bons nail polish bottles are bigger then that and thats seriously saying something. If this one hadn't been on clearance, I never would've gone for it. Even if they're kind of a rip off in my book, the color is pretty cute at least, so I was kind of glad to find this one for a $1.19 at Target.
So here it is!

Appletini Natural Light 1
Appletini Natural Light 2
Appletini Flash 1
Appletini Flash 2
I think its a cute color in genial, but it doesn't really suit my particular skin tone. I have strong pink 
and occasionally red tones in my skin, and this color just isn't bringing out the best in it. I did have one last thing I wanted to try with it, another polish that I found on clearance. Here it is!

This glitter is called "Green Rocket" and it has a mix of tiny, small, and medium metallic green hexes, tiny, small, and medium matte white hexes, and small white bar glitter. Maybe you are starting to see a small pattern here, and I admit it, I love the color green. That might have something to do
with the fact that my birthday is St. Patricks day and the fact that I have a slight obsession with irish mythology. Whatever the reason is, I just love the color. I've been searching for the perfect emerald green polish for some time now. But anyway, back to the glitter.

This was 2 coats of Green Rocket over Appletini. I'd say this looks okay. The one problem I have with it is that its kind of lumpy. The top coat didn't really smooth it out either, so it has this weird texture. Its not too bad when you just look at it though. 
Overall ive done better with color choices, but I say $2.50 for a Covergirl and a Sally Hansen polish isn't bad, since the normal price for both would be $6.18 at walgreens. 

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