Friday, January 31, 2014

Opi Live and Let Die Review and Swatches!

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven't posted for two days! It snowed in my area and I've been enjoying it! Heres a picture for your entertainment.

Thats my puppy. Isn't she cute?
So anyway, getting back on track. :) Today I have for you a polish that was given to me as a gift.

Opi live and let die

Opi live and let die

Opi live and let die

I'm 99% sure that it's called "Live and Let Die". I received it as an individual mini that doesn't have the color name on it, so I had to do some research to identify it. It's a very dark green that has gold shimmer in it. It looks almost black in some lights.


It applied really well. 1-2 coats. It was a great consistency and I had no trouble with it.


Im not a fan of it personally. It's nice and all, just not the type of color i'd wear. Super dark greens don't flatter my skin tone very well. I prefer emerald green. This one leans a bit blue.


I'm not sure because I didn't buy it, but Opi minis aren't normally super cheap given their size.


I probably wouldn't have bought it myself. I'm sure that others might love the color but its just not my thing. Plus if i'm going to buy Opi polishes, i'll buy the full size bottle because I think the minis don't give you enough for your money. *Rant mode on* I have about the same issue with them as I do with the Covergirl minis, except Opi has the option to buy the full size version of colors. The only reasons I would ever buy a polish that has less then 4 mls in it is if A. It's really cheap/on a really good sale or B. I want to make sure I like the color before I buy a full size. Otherwise it just doesn't seem worth it. *Rant mode off*

So, do you like the color? Would you buy it? Does anyone else feel the same about super tiny mini bottles as I do?

Happy painting!

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