Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maybelline Clearly Spotted Review and Swatch!

Hi everyone! Today I have to show you one of my favorite glitter top coat polishes! A few months back I started to notice all of the black and white glitter polishes that were popping up everywhere and knew that I had to get my hands on one. So I ran off to the store and bought this!

This beauty is called Clearly Spotted, and it's part of Maybelline's Polka Dot collection! I really like this collection, and plan to buy all of the polishes in it when I can, but right now this is what I have. 
Clearly Spotted is a mix of tiny, small, and medium black hex glitters and small white ones in a clear base. I applied it over an unnamed Claires polish that I nicknamed "glue" hah. Heres a picture of Glue by itself for reference.


So..onward to the review!


This applied so well! Some glitters are hard to get to apply evenly or hard to get out of the bottle at
all. But this applied just about perfectly! I used two coats on most of the nails, but I could've easily
gotten away with one!


I think it looks great! It really reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream over this color. Although white makes the white glitter harder to see. It seems sort of snowy to me. I showcased that for your entertainment in this little animation..

I also have an older picture of this glitter over another color, e.l.f Electric Fuchsia. It lets you see the 
white glitter in it.


It costs about $4 in stores and $2.99 online at Target. 


I really like it. Though its not very unique with the other million and a half black glitter polishes from
various other brands. I like the whole collection in general, and hopefully I'll have the others from it to share with you soon.

Until then, happy painting! :)

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