Monday, August 18, 2014

Nail Art Experimenting..Textured Sugar Spun Nails

Hi everyone! So a while back I was bored..and decided to try to come up with something that not many people have tried before. So, after a while, I came up with something. We've all heard of sugar spun nails..but what about textured sugar spun? I've never seen anyone try that before. Well, I decided to try it, and here's how it turned out.

At first I wasn't really sure about it. At first I thought that this must be why nobody had done textured sugar spun nails, and I almost called it a fail. But after a kind of grew on me. It's different..but I like it.
Here's how I did it for those of you who want to try this for yourself. I didn't take pictures at the time, but if any of you want a picture tutorial just let me know.

1. Paint your nails a base color. I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White.
2. Choose your textures. I chose to use the Rimmel London Sweetie, because they're sparkly and not too chunky. Plus..the technique is called "sugar spun".
3. Put drops of the first color onto a piece of plastic. I put scotch tape on a piece of paper and put it on there.
4. Wait a little bit, and every so often dip a tooth pick into the drops. Wait until it thickens enough that when you dip the tooth pick into the drops and lift up, strings of the polish come with it.
5. When it reaches the right thickness, touch the tooth pick gently to where you want a string to start, then lift up and move the toothpick across the nail so its just above it without touching it. This should cause the string to stretch across your nail.
6. Continue placing all the strings you want.

It took some practice getting the strings to go all the way across my nail, but I think over all I succeeded in what I was trying to do.
What do you think, will textured sugar spun nails be the next trend? :)

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