Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Matte Iridescent Glitter Nails

Hey everyone! So  lately I finally decided to buy a polish that i've been wanting for forever..the Butter London matte topcoat. I've seen swatches of it and tried it in stores that have the testers (which is really awesome), and I loved it. I put off getting it because it's expensive and normally way out of my budget. But I got some money and found a good deal on ebay, I have it! Of course, I had to try it out right away. I tried a bunch of different combinations with it and decided to pair it with some iridescent glitter. Iridescent glitters, along with flakies, are my favorite finishes ever. I especially love the way they look over black. So after taking a bit to choose which glitter to use, I came up with this.

Sally Girl Dare U over Nuance Black Dahlia, mattified with the matte topcoat. By itself its a pretty mix of blue, green, and gold iridescent glitters in a light blue base. I love Sally Girl because they are so cheap and have some great colors. This is one of the old bottles, i'm not sure if this color is still available in the new ones. I was sad when they changed their bottles to be even smaller then they were. They only hold 4ml now. But hey, 99 cents is still a pretty good deal, and they're still bigger than the OPI minis.

So, what do think? Do you like iridescent glitters too?

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