Friday, March 6, 2015

Back To The Clearance! Nails Inc Sugar House Lane

Hi everyone! Today's post is another back to the clearance! Where I share all the awesome deals I find so you can have the chance to share in the bargains!
I chose to show you this polish because it's still being sold for full price in Ulta, and the change in price from how much I paid for it is huge.
Behold, Nails Inc Sugar House Lane.

This polish is from the Sprinkles collection. It has black and silver glitters in a pastel brown crelly base.

This went on nicely. I was expecting it to be lumpy because of the dense glitter but it actually went on smoothly and evenly in two coats. I was pleased.

It's really cute. It's a nice color for Spring with the cupcake theme they have going on, but it also could work well for winter. I think it's perfect for the cold transition time between Winter and Spring. It did dry a little gritty as you can see from the picture, so you'll want to use a topcoat if you want it to be smooth.

This is the best part guys. Ulta is selling this for $11. I got it for $2. Two dollars. That's a nine dollar difference! TJMaxx and Marshall's are the best stores ever.

This has been another installment of back to the clearance! Tune in next time for more money saving opportunities! Or just to observe me getting way to excited over these things! Either way, it works. :)

Happy Painting!

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