Monday, March 16, 2015

Zoya Staasi! Beautiful Green For St. Patricks Day!

Hi everyone! So..St. Patricks day is tomorrow! It's my favorite holiday. Mostly because it's my birthday! I also adore everything about Irish culture and mythology, and my favorite colors green! It's the perfect day for me!
So, today I'm going to show you one of my favorite green polishes!

Meet Zoya Staasi, she's from the Summer 2014 Bubbly collection, which you might recall is one of my favorite collections! It's a gorgeous green jelly full of iridescent glitter and gold shimmer!

I used three coats for this. Because it has a jelly base it was a bit on the sheer side, but it built up nicely.

I was worried that it might clash with my skin tone as yellow leaning greens tend to do, but it actually looks good! I love how glittery and metallic it looks! Especially in the shade!

These are on sale at Ulta for $1.99. I couldn't track this one down at my local store so I asked someone to send me it from her store.

I've been wearing this color for a week and I still adore it! Plus the wear time is great! No chips!

So, what are you wearing on your nails for St. Patricks day? I'd love to see!

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