Friday, January 30, 2015

LA Colors Blue Icicles

Hi everyone! Lately i’ve noticed that a lot of people are already gearing up for Spring, especially in the nail polish world. Lots of brands are already releasing Spring and even Valentines day collections. Especially Sinful Colors whose St Patricks day collection has already been spotted on the shelves. Still two months to go Sinful Colors..we’re not quite there yet. OPI has also been gearing up to release their summer Hawaii collection. It all just feels a little early to me.
It’s not that I don’t like Spring collections, in fact I love them. I find myself already longing for the soft shimmers and pastels that mark most spring collections. the same time..I still feel like its too cold outside. As a blogger I find these transition times hard. Half of me wants to go full on into spring with you all from warmer places where it actually feels like Spring, but the other half of me is like nope it’s not spring until i’m not googling what the early signs of frostbite are while standing at the bus stop(true story).
So, to compromise, I’m going to start finding shades that walk the line between winter and spring, and share them with you over the next few weeks.

The first of these colors is LA Colors Blue Icicles. I saw it on the shelf while in Family Dollar. Backstory, I love LA Colors polishes. I have over 40 of them. They are one of my favorite brands of all time. The price and quality you get for that price is top notch in my opinion.
So when I saw a pretty blue crelly glitter in their lineup, I was excited.
That excitement started to fade when I started to put it on.

Problematic to say the least. I quickly realized that you can't paint it on like other polishes. The base becomes sheer and the glitter drags off of your nail. In order to get this on you have to dab it on. Doing that makes it thick and lumpy if you're not careful. I tried to do this as a full mani because I swatched this at night and wanted my nails to match for the next day. I ended up scraping it all off of my right hand because of how bad it looked. I went with no polish on my right hand in public rather than deal with it.

If you can successfully get it on without it looking lumpy than it's not bad, as you can see from my picture.

$1 at Family Dollar and Dollar Tree

Nope. I love LA Colors, but this isn't their best. Because it was just a dollar, I'll let it go. All brands have off days I suppose.

I know that this isn't a productive post, but hey, now you know what not to buy.

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