Friday, January 23, 2015

OPI With A Nice Finn-ish

Hi everyone. Guess what? This post was supposed to post last Monday. Apparently scheduling it in blogger did not work. Whoops. Anyway..You know what color I'm loving this winter? Brown. Normally I'm not a brown person but this season all the browns have been calling to me to buy them. Especially the ones from the OPI Nordic Collection. I've been slowly grabbing them one by one, and today I have to show you the first one I picked up.

OPI With a Nice Finn-ish

Okay. I know it's not exactly brown, but it's close enough for me to count it as one, since it's not yellow enough for me to consider it a true gold. To me it reminds me more of caramel. This is the color that first jumped out at me from the collection. I love metallic colors, and this one is so warm and pretty. It seems to have kind of it's own glow. Love!
The formula was good, at first I was nervous that it might show brush strokes but nope! The picture makes it look like that, but you really can't see brush strokes in person. It went on smoothly too, this was two coats.

So..what do you think of the color? You've probably seen it before since the collection has been out for a while, but I figured that I'd drop in my opinion of it. Tell me, what's your favorite nail color to wear this season?

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