Monday, February 9, 2015

Chocolate Swirl Nail Art

Hi everyone! Wow, it's valentines week already? Seems like New Years was just a few days ago.
Well, i'm pretty happy. I love valentines day. I'm not normally the "pink fluff" type of girl, but when valentines day is near my girly side comes out. I'll admit, I'm a shameless romantic at heart. But..I promise that I'll also have some things for those of you who are already sick of seeing hearts everywhere.
My first design of the week is one of those things, today I have something that I hope even the most anti valentine girls might like.

There's one thing that most everyone likes about the valentines day time of year, whether they're single or in a relationship or hate it all regardless..and that thing is chocolate. All the stores have everything out and the day after the 14th it all goes on sale..*sighs happily*.
Anyway, this nail art is my tribute to that wonderful treat.

At first I wanted to do a water marble for this design. But then I decided on something better. A dry water marble. It's faster than a regular water marble, less messy, and uses less materials. There's also no chance of the cup of water getting knocked over, or more accurately thrown across the room in frustration(If you don't understand why than you haven't tried the technique..). Plus I think it looks cooler for this particular design. What I did is this:

1. Paint your nails with a light shade of brown.

2. Paint another really thick coat of the lighter shade on top.

3. BEFORE that dries, place drops of the dark brown color on top of the thick coat of the light brown.

4. Quickly swirl the two colors together. I used a toothpick to do this, but nail art brushes will work fine. You can add drops of the light and dark as you go until you're satisfied with the look.

5. Let it dry and topcoat. :)

The colors I used in this are OPI Ice-bergers and Fries and 10 Professional Chocolate Kiss. The OPI worked well as the lighter base because if it's amazing formula. They also both dry thin on the nail, meaning that while the design will look thick and lumpy while you're doing it, it will dry flat.
This design also marks an exciting occasion for me. My very first video tutorial! The video will be up on my Instagram account, which you can view here. Feel free to give me your feedback on it. I've never done videos before and I'd love suggestions on how I can improve!

Well, until next time, happy painting!

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