Friday, February 27, 2015

Kbshimmer Belle Of The Mall Swatch and Review

Hi everyone! Oh man, I am so glad it's friday. Let the weekend begin!
Today's polish is one I've had for a bit, but hadn't tried. I put it on and wow I wish I had worn it earlier!

This is Kbshimmer Belle Of The Mall. The second indie polish I've reviewed here! I'm just getting my feet wet in the world of indie polishes. I got two Kbshimmer polishes in a gift exchange. I already love this brand and want more of their polishes ASAP. This one is from the 2014 Spring collection, and it's a warm red leaning neon pink jelly with holo glitter in all different sizes.
Here's my review..

It was easy to work with. Because it has a jelly base you need around 3 coats to cover up the nail line. Even then it might be slightly visible, but it's not bad and I'm totally okay with it.

It's pretty! It dries slightly matte so you'll need a topcoat if you want to make it shiny and smooth out the slight texture the glitter gives it. If you like pink you'll like this. The holo glitter is so sparkly. It's the perfect jelly sandwich in a bottle.



I love this, and definitely will be purchasing more Kbshimmer polishes in the future!

So what do you think? Do you like Kbshimmer polishes?

My mom saw me wearing this polish and had me paint her nails with it too!

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