Friday, February 13, 2015

My Favorite Pink Polish For Valentines Day! Zoya Binx!

Hi everyone! So..tomorrow is the big day. I'm really looking forward to it. I have date plans. But whether you have big romantic plans, are hanging  with friends, or spending the day sitting at home in protest of consumerism, maybe you'll still like this polish.

Prior to this post I went through all of my pink polishes, trying to decide on my favorite. I have a lot of pink polishes, so it took a while. But I narrowed it down and finally chose this one! Zoya Binx.

Binx is from my favorite Zoya collection, if not one of my favorite nail polish collections of all time, the bubbly collection. I adore iridescent glitter jelly polishes. They're my favorite finish, and Zoya nailed it so awesomely. I only have three of them as of now, but someday I will have the whole collection(my budget didn't allow me to buy it when it came out, so I'm stalking Ulta for the ones on clearance now).
Anyway..back to the topic. Binx is a gorgeous raspberry pink jelly filled with golden shimmer and iridescent glitter.  Here's my review..

I had no problems here. Because of the jelly like finish I used three coats for opacity.

You can probably see why this is my favorite pink polish. She's a stunner.

Right now the bubbly collection is on sale at Ulta for $.99 to $1.99.

Take a wild guess.

So, I want to see what colors you'll be rocking tomorrow? Link up in the comments!

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