Saturday, December 14, 2013

31 Days of Nail Art Challenge Day 8: Metallic Nails

Hello beautiful people! Today i'm continuing on showing you my attempt at the 31 Days of Nail Art Challenge! Now were up to day 8, metallic nails! Now, I got a bit lazy. A few days ago I did a post on my swatch of NYC Tibetan Silver, and if you read it, you'll know that I love it. So..I didn't want to take it off or cover it up for the challenge. So I improvised. This post was supposed to go up after the swatch about the NYC polis, but it got lost in my folder. So here it is, a bit late.

Blue pinky mean stinks nail polish 31 days of nail art challenge day 8 metallic nails

As you can see, all I did was add a coat of a Claire's blue polish called Blue Hologram. Not very creative I know..I promise this isn't all I have to offer you. But just for this post, its what I have. I also painted my pinky blue for a reason other than laziness. Have you guys seen the pictures around the internet of girls painting their pinkies blue to symbolize that they're against bullying. I have, and I thought it was really nice, so I did it too. So thats my reasoning there. I love the blue polish too. Its a cute blue with small holographic glitter in it. The polish actually belongs to my friend, but maybe someday i'll find it and buy it.

Anyway, thats what I have for right now. I'll do a second post later to make up for the shortness of this one. Well, until then! :)

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