Friday, December 13, 2013

Shoutout to an amazing blog! The Hungry Asian!

Hello beautiful people! Today im going to give a shoutout to a really great blog and etsy store, The Hungry Asian! Now, this store is one of my favorites, I think the girl who runs it is brilliant! Everything about these polishes is cute. The names, the colors, even the bottles!
In case you've never seen them, heres a few of her swatches from the store!

The Hungry Asian Kiwi Smoothie

This one is my personal favorite. Its a light pastel green with some small black glitter in it. The name fits is really what makes it awesome, Kiwi Smoothie. It really looks like it was made with kiwis! It also kind of reminds me of spring time even though its winter. I love it! Now, onto the next pretty..

The Hungry Asian Cookies and Cream

This was the first polish that got me interested in the store. I hadn't really thought all that much about polishes inspired by food before, except for the standard "bubble gum pink" and so on. I think the idea is awesome. This particular polish looks even better matte in my opinion, as you can see in this awesome post from the blog Polish All the Nails: I think when matte-ifed it looks almost exactly like ice cream. It looks even more like that in this equally fantastic post from the Manicurator: But thats enough link dropping for now. :) Heres my next favorite Hungry asian polish..

The Hungry Asian: Strawberry
Strawberry. Normally if I were to think of "strawberry" as a nail polish color I would have thought of a standard reddish color or possibly pink. But this really reminds me of real strawberries, especially with the black glitter. I guess I really like the small black glitter, since its in all the polishes i've shown you so far. Anyway, to me this looks like bright strawberry jelly. :)

The Hungry Asian Snow Sprinkles
I Love this one, and I'm showing it to show you that not all of these polishes were inspired by food, despite the store name and the fact that this does kind of remind me of cupcake frosting. I like this one, because its cute and sweet looking, plus it has star shaped glitter, which is an automatic bonus in my opinion. Its also perfect for the holidays! :)

Thats all im going to show you now, since its getting late and I should probably go to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard. But Hungry Asian Store has lots more polishes, all with cute names such as "Bliss"(a pastel yellow with pink glitter), "Tickled pink"(a light pink with small teal glitter), and "Mumbling"(a top coat full of gold and silver glitter). You can check out the store here or find the blog here You won"t regret it!

There's currently a giveaway going on too! Should be awesome!

So thats my daily rant about a well deserving blog and store! Hope you like the stuff as much as I do! I'm off to dream about glitter and cute colors now! Good night!

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