Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Harry Potter Nail Art!

Hi everyone! Ive been doing a bunch of review and swatch posts lately and I figured it was time for some actual nail art! I was letting my inner geek shine, and I went with some Harry Potter nails!

Harry Potter hogwarts house nail polish art

I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of the process, so I will describe it as best as I can.

1. Use a nail art pen or brush (I used Pearlized White from the Nail Ritz Shimmer Nail Art Pens set, then used a toothpick to go over it in the color I wanted) to draw a "Z" shape in the middle of your nail.

2. Draw diagonal lines from each end of the Z to form the lightning bolt shape.

3. Using the pen, nail art brush, or toothpick, fill in either side of the lightning bolt with the color of your choosing. I chose to do the colors of each Hogwarts house, using Wet N Wild Blue Moon and e.l.f  Glamour Girl on my index finger for Ravenclaw, Nail Ritz Golden and Wet N Wild Black Creme on my middle finger for Hufflepuff, Nail Ritz Ruby and Nail Ritz Golden on my ring finger for Griffindore, and Wet N Wild Sagreena the Teenage Witch and Tribeca Silver on my pinky for Slytherin.

I think it came out looking pretty cool! I like the Slytherin nail the best, its been my house of choice since I was sorted into that house at Harry Potter camp when I was in middle school.  I'm actually wearing my Slytherin T-shirt now!You say evil, I say awesome!

So, are you a Potter head like I am? If so, whats your house? Send me a link to your HP nail art! I'd love to see it!

Until then, happy spell casting..I mean painting!


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