Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Awesome nail polish find at dollar tree!

Okay, the other day the most amazing thing happened to me! I was going to the dollar tree near my house, and you'll never guess what I found there! 

Awesome nail polish find at dollar tree!

Nail polish! Lots of it! Now, I know what some of you might be thinking. "Its dollar store nail polish, it has to be cheap and crappy right?" Well, thats what I used to think too, and i'm happy to report that I was wrong! Mixed in along with the polishes from cheaper(but surprisingly good quality) polishes such as LA Colors, there were polishes from well known brands brands such as Sally Hansen, Wet N Wild, NYC, Milani, and Sinful Colors! But the best of them you can see above, were the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish! They had nearly ever color in the collection too, including some of the newer ones! After seeing these go for nearly $10 at CVS, I was pretty psyched to get them at a dollar each! I bought four of them and intend to go back soon! I'll swatch them for you soon enough. But the point is, this is going to be an awesome spot to go for a budget polish buyer like myself! I suggest that if you have a dollar tree or similar store near you, you should check it out and see what you find! :)

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