Friday, December 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish: Electric Emerald Review and Swatches!

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a polish from an awesome collection! Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish! I wanted these as soon as I discovered them online, and now I have three of them to swatch and review for you today. The first one is called Electric Emerald, it goes on a olive toned emerald color, but then when you use the magnet on it, the design is a deep shimmery emerald green with light green waves.


With magnetic nail polish there are several application steps. The first is to apply 1-2 coats and let dry. That went beautifully. It went on easily, and looked smooth and even. Heres some pictures of that first step.

Electric Emerald Before Magnet

Electric Emerald Before Magnet 

I just noticed how red my fingers look. Probably because I had to swatch them outside in the cold because I don't have good enough air ventilation indoors. But yeah. This next part is where things got a bit harder. The directions said to apply another thick coat then hold the magnet over it for a minimum of 15 seconds. I tried it, and heres what I got..

Electric Emerald After Magnet(Indoor light)

Electric Emerald After Magnet(Sunlight)

Not too shabby for a first try with magnetic polish...okay, this was my second. I took it off after I took the picture and realized I'd taken the picture wrong, so I had to redo them. The polish went on well both times and the design shows up nicely. Word of advice for people who are trying this for the first time, be careful of how thick a second coat you put on. If its too thin the design won't show up. If its too thick the magnet will attract the polish and it will rise up, touch the magnet, and smudge the design. this takes some practice so be prepared to make a few mistakes. 


The color itself is really pretty. I'm not sure that it complements my skin tone all that well, so i'm not sure how often i'll wear it, but its still pretty. The design showed up exactly how it was supposed to as well.


I'm still psyched that, as you might've read in my dollar store post, I bought these for a dollar each at the dollar tree near my house! I think thats a pretty awesome deal, since I probably wouldn't have paid the $8-$10 dollars that they've been going for at various other stores.


I really like this. I was expecting application to be harder, but it was easy given what you have to do. The color might look better on people who don't have pink undertones in their skin like I do though, as the green seems to clash with my skin somewhat. But this is a good polish, and I don't regret buying it.

So..i'll have the reviews and swatches for the other two that I bought from this collection to show you soon! Until then, happy painting! :)

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